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  • Scotts Top Mount / Mount Kit Only

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    The mount-kit-only is designed for those who already have a Scotts Stabilizer and linkarm and want just the mounting kit. The bolt-on kit literally "bolts-on" and usually mounts around the head tube. Installation time varies from bike to bike but normally takes about 45 minutes depending on your skills and the model of motorcycle. This kit is specific to each bike with consideration for which combination of bars and triple clamps are being used. We have meticulously designed these kits to make your installation time fast and easy. This kit typically will include the handlebar clamp, frame bracket, step by step pictured instructions, owners manual and applicable hardware. Some models may require replacement handlebars, but we can assist you in that choice also, if need be. If you have any questions regarding any installation guidelines or special applications, please give us a call. The Photo attached here may be a generic photo to show you the basic components in the kit, but may not be showing the exact kit for your specific bike.

    *** Riding Computer:

    We need to know if you are going to use an after market riding computer such as an ICO, Pacemaker, Watchdog, etc., so that we can mount the link arm on the stabilizer in the position that will give you opitimum clearance. Most stock odometers and riding computers are not an issue and you can answer NO to this question. This question only applies when the computer is mounted in the same area that the stabilizer is mounted. Each application using a computer can vary and is ultimately up to the user to try and installation without conflicts. Scotts also makes billet computer dashboard mounts that make mounting with computers easier, in some cases. These dashboard mounts can be viewed via the Product Index Button on this website. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us.