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  • Seat Concepts KTM (2015) SX Factory Edition (2016-17) SX/XCF *LOW OEM*


    This seat is 17mm lower than the standard seat. The Seat Concepts Super Grip cover incorporates a industry leading rubber grip patch at the lower center of the cover. This means you can hold the bike with your knees and have better control. Also a great attribute of this design is resistance of damage caused by knee braces. Our ribs have a foam insert to improve resistance to sliding on hard acceleration or braking.

    We offer this kit for the pan without a pocket. If you pan has the pocket we recommend getting our complete seat or using the factory pan without the pocket. This kit will not work with the pocket. Check the attached pictures to confirm what pan you have.

    This fits:
    2015 Factory Edition
    2016 SX/XCF

    Comes with taller foam and matching cover.