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  • 07-16 KTM and Husky Husaberg lowering Kit EXC-F/XCF-W/XC-W, XC, XC-F, SX, SX-F, FC,TC,FE,TE

    $169.00 $139.00

    **This kit will require internal installation on both front and rear components by a professional with the  appropriate tooling**

    Services available here that include cost of spacers: https://motolabdirtbikes.com/lowering-services/

    (All lowering kits require appropriate length fork springs to match)

    Turn key complete kit all in one place. 

    This kit lowers your bike properly, by simply limiting the internal return travel of the suspension.

    No permanent modifications necessary!

    Engineered and machined right here in the USA using top quality materials!

    We designed our kits specifically for the suspension components to give you the comfort and confidence you expect!

    Tested by riders of all weights and abilities, these components hold up to any condition you can throw at them.

    Why buy this lowering kit? We believe riding should be fun. We believe you should have confidence in your set up. We believe you should feel comfortable on your bike. This kit does the trick while retaining the great handling characteristics and suspension performance.