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  • 12-16 KTM and Husky High Performance Fuel Rail Kit

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    The fuel rail kind of took the EXC and XCW world by storm a few months ago, when it fixed the big fuel delivery problem these bikes seem to have. As you can see from the pic, the stock fuel rail on the left side, has to go through a few sharp turns to get fuel from the line into the injector. The new rail, on the right, provides a straight, uninterrupted flow of fuel to the injector. The bike starts easier, gets up and goes better and flameouts are greatly reduced. You still want to fine tune your engines fuel needs with the TPS tuner.  Fits: 2012-16 EXC/EXCF/XCW/XCWF 250-350-450-500. Fits: 2011-12 SXF 250 - 350