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GT232N 19" Mid-Soft Woods Tire 120/80-19 and 110/90-19

$137.98 $108.94

Rear tire particularly suitable for mid to soft terrain. Promise also excellent performance both in sandy/muddy conditions as well as on harder terrain applications. Tread pattern guarantees excellent traction during starts, straight-away and cornering, especially in sharp turns. This particular compound guarantees performance and an uniform wear, even in rough conditions, such as, racing on hard-packed or other harsh terrains. Use with a tubeless rims, will give you control to fine tune the pressure increasing the capabilities in a variety of conditions, while taking advantage of a substantial reduction of weight.

  • Awsome 19" woods tire
  • Also great for MX
  • Works well with Mousse
  • Great varying condition tire
  • GOP3235 (120/80-19 63MGT232 N  GOLDENTYRE)
  • GOP3243 (100/90-19 57MGT230 SOFT / MUD  GOLDENTYRE)