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Golden Tire X Mousse

$215.98 $189.95


Riding gnarly terrain and need the ultimate mousse to accompany your Sticky X tire? Here she is, the Mousse X!

Here's a little about what the manufacturer has to say:

Based on the experience that our engineers have gained in the competitions of Enduro Extreme at the highest levels, the X Mousse is a product that is handmade from the standard mousse. The holes and the cross section are manually made with specially designed tools. The Mousse X has been developed for top riders competing in the official team, and is specifically designed to be used together with tires GoldenTyre FIM Enduro Extreme GT216X, GT523X and GT523KX. The 120X Mousse are specially designed to be used within the FIM homologated rear 140 / 80-18. The 110X, specifically designed for the MX expresses its best qualities on hard surfaces. To be combined with the GT 232N tire. The mousse is therefore a fundamental component of the wheel / tire combination and its use, coupled with tires GoldenTyre Enduro Extreme, ensures maximum traction and exceptional grip. The Mousse X is handmade and produced in small batches, therefore we point out that the availability on the market is very limited